Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Getting redundancies right

It’s an unfortunate reality in today’s volatile economic climate and managing redundancies in the workplace is a delicate process that requires professionalism, empathy and a clear set of guidelines.

By having a change management strategy in place employers can minimise the disruption to their organisation and ensure that their employees are treated fairly and with dignity in the process.

Employers must firstly establish valid grounds for redundancy. This may be due to economics, takeovers, restructures or technological change. Once the reason behind the redundancy is clear it is important to consult with your staff sharing with them the situation and likely changes when there are multiple redundancies planned. Allow your staff to respond, ask questions and seek clarification on their selection in redundancies.

A six-step approach

This six-step approach below can help employers manage their risk and ensure that the process is conducted professionally and fairly.

Step 1: Plan the process carefully – selection, consultation, communication and implementation

Step 2: Establish a fair selection criteria based on the job and not on personal and potentially discriminatory characteristics

Step 3: Apply the same selection criteria to each affected employee doing the same role

Step 4: Provide procedural and substantive fairness by allowing the employee an opportunity to respond

Step 5: Consider redeployment opportunities for the employee(s) in any and all related entities

Step 6: Consider offering voluntary redundancies to the group at risk of retrenchment if strategically appropriate

Non-genuine redundancy

You should also know that under the Fair Work Act, bone fide redundancies cannot be claimed as unfair dismissal but non-genuine redundancies can.

A redundancy to be genuine will satisfy the following requirements:

·         the employee’s position was redundant

·         the employer complied with any obligation regarding consultation and

·         that it would not have been reasonable for the employee to be redeployed

This approach will help ensure that you manage any retrenchments in accordance with the Fair Work Act.

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